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Safework Australia (SWA) has been undertaking a review of Workplace Exposure Standards (WES) focusing on the 8 hour Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposures.

Attached is a summary document of most but not all substances with tightening of around 10 fold or more, with a few more commonly used chemicals.  Please check this list to see if any of these chemicals are used and what would be the consequences of trying to meet this new WES.



ASBG’s Framework Approach to a Revamped/Reengineered Recycling System,  is a summary of national and local actions required for a long term solution to the recycling crisis. A key element is to ensure that efficient cost-effective revamped recycling systems replace systems that are no longer viable.  A key  element is to standardise the categories of collected recyclate streams, where appropriate.  Reduction of contamination levels from point of collection to recycled product is essential to access existing markets and generation of new markets for such products.  Regulatory reform to reduce green tape, high costs, permit further down-cycling and improve the planning approval processes for waste infrastructure.  Support for Energy from Waste and improved streamlined approaches for B2B recycling is also called for.  Finally, a number of recommended financing methods of revamped recycling systems are provided.


The NSW EPA has written to ASBG informing of a raft of changes to the POEO Act, Contaminated Land Management Act and Regulation and the Radiation Control Act.  The more significant change is the replacement of Voluntary Management Plans with Management Agreements for contaminated land remediation.  See pdf below.

ASBG has written to the Minister following the release of the EPA's Approved Methods 2016 version.  At issue is the inclusion of the Ambient Air Quality NEPM criteria to be applied to individual sites at the closest receptor.  The prior Minister Mr Speakman promised at an ASBG Breakfast in July 2015 that this would not occur.  ASBG's letter is below.

A response from the Ministry has clarified the way in which Approved Methods 2016 and the prior Approved Methods 2005 will be applied , which can assist some sites and planning applications.  The response is below.

Attached is the Proposed Risk Based Environmental Regulatory Framework Under The Protection Of The Environment Operations Act 1997.

This document follows ASBG’s submissions to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) and in line with ASBG’s ASBG’s Ideas for Improving NSW’s Environmental Framework calling for such changes for Environment Protection Licences (EPL). The Framework includes the use of a risk based approach to set monitoring and inspection frequencies.  ASBG is working with the EPA to develop this framework.


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