The Australian Sustainable Business Group (ASBG) is Australia's leading environment and energy industry representative body that specialises in providing the latest information, including changes to environmental legislation, regulations and policy, that may impact industry, business other organisations.

What ASBG offers to Members

Sustainable Business Weekly e-news

Environmental news as it happens - the Sustainable Business Weekly e-news provides member organisations with a one page weekly snapshot of the latest changes and information on environment and energy issues impacting industry, business and organisations of today.

We report on information of significance to industry, business and councils such as:

  • Changes to environmental, chemical and energy laws
  • Updates on government policy, initiatives, trends and grant programs
  • Court action on environmental prosecutions
  • Activities ASBG undertakes in representing our members
  • Environmental and sustainability global trends
  • information as it happens

Training & Education

ASBG conducts regular topical seminars and workshops on topical issues and expert training courses on sustainability environmental, energy, safety and technical issues impacting industry, and business. Member organisations of the Australian Sustainable Business Group receive 20% to 25% discounts on admission to these sessions.

In-house Training - ASBG can provide in-house training and workshops to your organisational requirements. Please contact our Office on 02 9453 3348 for further information.

Lobbying and Representation

ASBG provides representation and policy development on a range of sustainable and environmental issues through the ASBG Policy Reference Group (PRG) which operates from ASBG. This service is provided at an additional cost to the member subscription.

For more information about ASBG's Policy Reference Group, go to 'Policy'. located to the left.


Australian Sustainable Business Group (ASBG) offers industry, business and councils with a full range of consulting services that include:

  • Management System development (e.g. ISO 14001 and related systems - ASBG is a member of Australian Standards QR-11 overseeing ISO 14001)
  • Environmental and sustainable business practices
  • Waste water management
  • Compliance auditing
  • Energy and greenhouse compliance and management
  • Dangerous Goods auditing and assessment
  • Waste Management
  • Project Management
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