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If you incur an error or make a mistake please redo the form. All information is processed manually so duplicates or errors will be identified and fixed or we will contact you if there is confusion.

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Some ASBG courses permit you to attend part of the function such as the morning seminar or the afternoon workshop.

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The main contact name or if not identify in the additional info box - page 2

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To contact you if there is an issue

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Enter your fax number. This is used as a backup if there is a problem with the email address or phone number supplied

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Note all correspondence will be via this email. Please add in other information if additional CC'ed emails are required.

Other Information
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You must claim any discount rate here by indicating which member or client you are associated with. Also add in any additional instructions such as invoicing to another party or please include these additional delegate's email addresses etc.

Amount $
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Please enter in your estimated $ (no decimal) for this booking. ASBG may vary/correct this amount according to membership status or any offered discounts.

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Selecting "yes" means you agree to be sent other ASBG event information via your email supplied.


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