Australian Sustainable Business Group

Membership Rules

Member Scope

  1. Members of the ASBG apply to organisations according to their Australian Business Number, which separates them
  2. Membership fees can be applied in accordance to the size of the organisation
  3. Organisations wishing to become members must apply with the appropriate application form
  4. As ASBG is a representative body representing businesses and membership will be limited to appropriate businesses and organisations ASBG considers are appropriate.

Key Contacts

  1. A key contact is required to be allocated as the principle officer for liaison and communications with ASBG
  2. It is recommended that at least 3 other contacts be included to receive member information
  3. One of these contacts should be the training manager as ASBG offers many relevant courses on environment, sustainability and energy issues

Policy Development

  1. Members are invited to participate in our Policy Reference Group (PRG) meetings to discuss current issues and make policy decisions and provide policy direction for ASBG.
  2. It is recommended that a senior member of the organisation attend the PRG meetings
  3. Policies developed at the PRG meetings will be reflected in ASBGs submissions and other documentation.
  4. ASBG may impose an additional charge to attend our PRG meetings.

State Membership Coverage

  1. Members join ASBG on a State by State basis as environmental issues are generally controlled at the State level.
  2. Members can claim discounts to ASBG courses and events provided they have membership for that State in which the event is run

Membership Renewals

  1. ASBG operates on an anniversary billing cycle whereby annual subscriptions are billed within the month of the membership renewal becoming due.
  2. ASBG will provide 2 warnings or reminder invoiced that subscriptions are due and other necessary contacts to identify if membership is no longer required.
  3. Members are to indicate in writing (email accepted) that membership is no longer required.



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