The Australian Sustainable Business Group (ASBG) is an business representative body that represents and promotes industry and business interest to Government and other stakeholders. ASBG represents and promotes business interest in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Inviting key decision makers to attend our Policy Reference Group (PRG) meetings
  • Responding to Government discussion papers and draft legislation, and produce submissions
  • Attending meetings with Government bodies
  • Actively pursuing issues with Government that affect industry and business.

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ASBG's Policy Reference Groups (PRG)

To ensure ASBG puts forward our Members' views, we run two PRGs, in Sydney and Brisbane.

PRGs are interactive meetings where Members are presented with a range of environmental issues that may have a potential affect on their business. Members discuss the issues and present their view to ASBG. Comments and feedback is then used in our Submission to Government.

How can I see the Outcomes of ASBG's Policy Reference Groups (PRG)?

ASBG website's "Policy Reference Group" webpage is the introduction to the PRG's Notes of the meetings. Six meetings per year will be held. An agenda will be distributed to PRG Members one week prior of each meeting. On conclusion of PRG meetings, notes confirming all PRGs discussions and outcomes will be prepared and distributed to PRG Members and also placed on this site.

In addition, the "ASBG Submissions" displays PRG's Submissions on various Government discussion papers and draft legislation on this site. At times, these papers will be in Draft and will welcome industry comments on the content and policy. Please note, all final decisions on the content and policy of Submissions will be made by ASBG PRG Members.

Copies of the notes and agenda are easily down loaded in Adobe format for reference.

We hope you will find the activities of the PRG interesting and relevant to your organisation.

Why did ASBG establish Policy Reference Groups (PRG)?

ASBG formed Policy Reference Groups for a range of reasons that include:

  • Existing needs: Industry and business are not well catered for in the environmental and technical areas, especially in influencing Government policy and laws.
  • Access to decision makers: ASBG establishing is NSW Policy Reference Group has flagged to Government that we are serious about representing Industry and Business, which has given us access to the decision makers.
  • Better lobbying power: Being recognised as a peak Industry Group allows ASBG to be at the cutting edge of policy and legislative change. Consequently, we must review discussion papers issued by Government for Members of the Group. This means we can better present the interest of our Members.
  • Provide better information to Industry & Business: Because we are at the cutting edge, ASBG will have access to---and understand---the issues better than most. Having the latest information enables us to provide it to our Members quickly, keeping our Members informed of the latest issues. In most cases we are provided with information directly from the decision makers, rather than rely on Media Releases. Being well-informed enables ASBG to prepare up-to-date, accurate Environment Network Newsletters and provide well-targeted Conferences, Workshops and Briefings at reasonable prices.


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