ASBG’s GHS and Training and gives you:


  • Coverage of GHS and DG categories and classes
  • Chemical characteristics from a safety and health perspective
  • Tailor made to your site, delivered on your site
  • Great facilitator – makes knowing about chemicals interesting


On-site GHS and DG training includes:

  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods – history and international basis
  • Introduction of the GHS labelling and classification system
  • Overview of WHS Regulations on hazardous chemicals
  • Emergency and incident laws under WHS and environmental (immediate reporting)
  • Introduction to:
    • Dangerous goods & GHS classes and classifications, covering DG classes and corresponding GHS Categories at your site
    • Registers, Notification, Manifests and action thresholds
    • The storage and handling regulations including risk assessments, labeling and placarding
  • Means to protect yourself from harm from these chemicals
  • Use of MSDSs and SDSs
  • Use of spill kits and clean up of spills
  • A 20 minute competency questionnaire

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