ASBG’s PIRMP Testing and Training Pack takes care of these obligations under the new environment laws.

Comply with your Pollution Incident Response Management Plan on testing and training with little fuss.

On-site pollution response training can include:

  • Spill kit training
  • Legislative overview on environmental, safety and hazardous chemicals requirement
  • Overview of pre-emptive actions to avoid incidents
  • Your PIRMP and OH&S procedures in dealing with environmental and related incidents
  • Split courses between shop floor and management/supervisors

What does the package include?

  • Assessment of your PIRMP coverage
  • Due Diligence training using mock court case of pollution incident
  • Identification of current training gaps with current emergency training
  • Design of drills and response assessment with a written report
  • Review of training effectiveness via quiz at end of training session
  • Recommendations of modifications to the PIRMP, procedures and training if required

Price: Varies depending on site and its preparedness – contact ASBG for a quote.
Training and assessment conducted on-site– additional costs for travel time may apply.
It is recommended to use the consultancy service after you have completed your PIRMP
or used the ASBG PRIMP template.
Typical rates are around $4,000, depending on site complexity and preparation.
The price is guidance only, hence the amount of work required to comply with the PIRMP
for one site, requirements will vary with each site.

Contact ASBG on 02 9453 3348 or fill in your details on the flyer below.



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