6 October 2016 - Sydney

This seminar’s aim is to:

  • Identify efficient management of asbestos waste and ACM
  • Promote efficient removal from human exposure routes to maximising health outcomes and minimising costs.

Areas under WHS, contaminated sites and waste regulation governing ACM handling and asbestos waste have roles to play. Confusion and issues with the technical assessment and handling of asbestos materials and wastes can cause inefficiencies, delays, poor handling, all of which can lead to increased exposure leading to higher health risks.  The conference will also discuss emerging issues with the management of asbestos waste and asbestos containing materials and will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • When does Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) become asbestos waste
  • How are ACM contaminated soils dealt with under contaminated site requirements
  • What levels of ACM are permitted to be left on site in soils
  • To what extend can you source separate asbestos from other materials e.g. soils on-site
  • What is an asbestos free material and or an asbestos free waste
  • Measurement of asbestos – what triggers lead to an analytical tests
  • Does having no scientific contaminate level for asbestos waste cause issues
  • Recycled wastes and asbestos contamination – what is an acceptable screening methodology
  • How to help communities understand that good asbestos management will minimise risks
  • Sydney has limited and a reducing number of landfills which accept asbestos waste – will this become an issue

The conference's agenda includes:

  • Henry Moore, Manager Waste Strategy and Innovation, EPA
    Asbestos waste management in NSW - regulatory an management initiatives
  • Andrew Morgan, Director, Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency
    Issues facing the efficient management of asbestos wastes and ACM
  • Kevin Murphy, State Inspector - Asbestos and Demolition, SafeWork NSW
    Management and separation of asbestos from materials on site- Requirements for soils and other ACM and what is 'asbestos free'
  • Matt Lock, Principal Environment, Tetra Tech Company
    A comprehensive pathway in dealing with asbestos impacted sites
  • Gavin Shapiro, Senior Associate, Henry Davis York
    A legal perspective on the management of asbestos waste
  • Joe Pickin, Director, Blue Environment
    Asbestos disposal trends and the National Asbestos Study with a focus on NSW asbestos disposal rates
  • Peter Keyte, ALS Global
    Asbestos analysis – new testing requirements, reporting and measurement issues
  • Robert Sharp, EQS Advisor, Suez Recycling and Recovery Australia
    Asbestos contamination in the recycling sector and asbestos waste disposal – obstacles and issues
  • Linda Apthorpe, Pickford & Rhyder Consulting
    Assessing asbestos in soils, wastes and other area and determining actions – an Occupational Hygienists’ perspective
  • Andrew Doig, CEO, ASBG
    A business perspective on asbestos, the waste regulations, waste guidelines and other matters

This conference is sponsored by Henry Davis York (HDY) and supported by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH).

Date: Thursday 6 October 2016
Time: 8.20am (Registrations) for 8:30 am to 4.40 pm
Venue: Henry Davis York, L10, 44 Martin Place Sydney
Cost: $395 (ASBG, SIA & AIOH Members, and HDY clientele) or $495 (Non Members)

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